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Patricia Wyatt

I have been a painter all my life. As a child I felt a special, quiet, private and centered place in myself when I painted. I have come to understand that making art is a fluid process, that it is a constant discovery, and that it requires both internal and external work, and that it is always being refined. I very much enjoy this process as well as sharing my work with others. In 1987 I began a series of paintings that first spiritually connected me with myself and the earth and then spiritually connected my work with others.

I use many different materials to create physical depth as well as an emotional depth that touches the heart. I use human, animals and landscape forms to touch and heal feelings. I work with watercolor, colored pencil, oil pastel and ceramic stucco on paper and canvas. I create collage pieces that I apply to the canvas and allow these pieces to come off the canvas in many directions, creating a real sense of movement.

From a thousand threads we weave one cloth, and out of many stories an endless stream of experience unites us.
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